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Hoppers 1: the 'manias (Down There #2)

  • Hoppers 1: the 'manias (Down There #2)
  • Hoppers 1: the 'manias (Down There #2)
  • Hoppers 1: the 'manias (Down There #2)

Out of print
BUT - you can read it online here

36 page book

"Hoppers is a post apocalyptic tale set in an indeterminate future that has had to deal with environmental and political change … Tricky Walsh has made a comic. In fact, she's made more than a comic - she's made a commitment to an epic narrative with over tones of politics and subtle discussion about humanity's destiny.

… Tricky is one of the best artists in the state, known more these days for her increasingly large and frightening sculptures than her drawings, but drawing is at the core of what she does - complex, engaging, and very beautiful. Given the work put into each drawing, the arrival of the 36 page issue of Hoppers is a reason to pop the cork and pour many a flute"
- Andrew Harper, Warp magazine, December 2013

You can also get PART 2 from HERE

Each issue of Down There will feature a different Tasmanian comic artist with a different story! Future artists - Tom O'Hern (June 2014), Gary Chaloner, Part 2 of Tricky's Hoppers due out in October 2014

Other DOWN THERE issues already in print -
Sleuth: There's Somethin' Rotten on the Apple Isle by Joshua Santospirito
Blood and Bone by Tom O'Hern

You can also find some of Tricky's works in these drawing anthologies that she put together with a bunch of other exciting prospects!
Happy Meat #1
Happy Meat #2