About us

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Born in the burbs of Hobart Tasmania in March 2013 – San Kessto Publications is a small publishing house run by Nadine Kessler and Joshua Santospirito. 

The name is a fun amalgamation of our two surnames. The logo made by Nadine is, of course, the wonderful Hills Hoist in the centre of everyone's backyard, the centrepiece around which all families tell their age-old tales!  - Josh

The first major publication for San Kessto was The Long Weekend in Alice Springs which is available from the San Kessto website. It was Josh’s major opus over recent years with the book design done by Nadine. 

Nadine Kessler studied design in Basel, Switzerland, and has lived in Australia since 2005 where she works as a freelance graphic designer. She lives, breathes and burps typography. You can also see her Art site

Joshua Santospirito grew up in Melbourne and has lived in numerous places around Australia. He reads comics, he makes comics, he sometimes eats comics.